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PQNET provide Network Security Solutions, Network Infra and Maintenance Service.


Advanced Persistent Threat

Threat Intelligence Solution


Application Delivery Controller (ADC)

Next Generation Firewall

Threat Prevention


Firewall Management Solution For Paloalto Networks


FireEye Network Security 

  • ​Detects the undetectable by leveraging advanced threat technologies with threat intelligence that catches what other solutions miss

  • Includes SmartVision – machine learning and correlation engines designed to detect suspicious lateral (east-west) network traffic

  • Backed by Dynamic Threat Intelligence, giving automated protection gained from threats detected worldwide

  • Includes integrated IPS, support for Mac and Windows PCs 

  • Available in multiple form-factors and for a range of deployment scenarios

FireEye Email Security 

  • Detects and blocks spear phishing emails, credential harvesting and CEO Fraud / BEC attacks

  • High-fidelity detection, low false positive rate

  • Augments alerts with intelligence

  • Blocks threats others miss

  • Multi-vector correlation

  • Deployable on-premises, cloud and hybrid covering Windows and Apple Mac OS X

FireEye Endpoint 

  • ​Ultimate endpoint security: integrated EDR + EPP

  • Protects against known threats with antivirus

  • Protects against malware and exploits with ExploitGuard

  • Detects anomalous behavior with real-time IOC engine

  • Provides advanced forensics and hunting tools used by Mandiant

  • Deployable on premise, virtual, and cloud, covering Windows, Macintosh, and Linux


Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform

Network Security

Adopt best practices using app, user and content-based policies to minimize opportunities for attack.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Blocks exploits, ransomware, malware and fileless attacks to minimize infected endpoints and servers.

Cloud Security

Speed up multi-cloud deployments, with continuous compliance validation, through deep integrations with native cloud services and automation tools.

Cloud-Delivered Security Services

Confidently automate threat identification and prevention everywhere.


Application delivery your way
Any app, any infrastructure, any form factor

Packet Flow.png

Data switching

When deployed in front of application servers, a Citrix ADC ensures optimal distribution of traffic by how it directs client requests. Numerous load balancing algorithms and extensive server health checks improve application availability by ensuring that client requests are directed to the appropriate servers.

Firewall Security.png

Firewall Security

The Citrix ADC security and protection protect web applications from Application Layer attacks. An ADC appliance allows legitimate client requests and can block malicious requests. the firewall provides identity theft protection by securing confidential corporate information and sensitive customer data.



An ADC appliance supports several transparent TCP optimizations which mitigate problems caused by high latency and congested network links. Thereby accelerating the delivery of applications while requiring no configuration changes to clients or servers.

Policy Infrastructure.png

Policy Infrastructure

When an ADC appliance receives traffic, the appropriate policy list determines how to process the traffic. Each policy on the list contains one or more expressions, which together define the criteria that a connection must meet to match the policy.

Packet Flow_2.png

Packet flow

Depending on requirements, you can choose to configure multiple features. For example, you might choose to configure both compression and SSL offload. As a result, an outgoing packet might be compressed and then encrypted before being sent to the client.



이제 IT 자산에서 방화벽은 꼭 필요한 자산으로 자리매김한 지 많은 시간이 지났습니다. 더불어 5~6년 이전부터 최근 IT의 추세이기도 한 차세대 방화벽(NGFW)이 선보이면서 더욱 더 중요한 보안 자산으로 인식되었습니다. PQ Manager for PaloAlto 는 차세대 방화벽의 대표 주자인 PaloAlto Networks 전용 제품입니다.

 PaloAlto 에서 제공하는 기본 기능외에 운영자가 꼭 필요한 기능을 담고 있는 솔루션으로, 기본 IP이외 사용자 연동이 필요할 경우, 정책 및 오브젝트 관리가 필요한 경우, 내부 결재시스템과 자동 연동이 필요한 경우 및  통합 모니터링에 이르기 까지 실제 운영에 필요한  기능을 담고 있습니다.   

 PQ Manager를 통해 귀사의 방화벽을 손쉽고 유용하게 관리하실 수 있습니다 !


  • CPU 사용률

  • Session 사용률

  • 인터페이스 상태

  • Disk 사용률

  • 방화벽 정보


  • Rule 사용률 분석

  • Object 사용률 분석

  • 미사용 Rule, Object 분석

  • Rule, Object 추가 삭제  

  • Rule, Object 로그 관리


  • CPU 사용률

  • Session 사용률

  • 인터페이스 상태

  • Disk 사용률

  • 방화벽 정보

​정책 자동화

  • 정책 결재 연동

  • 정책 관리 자동화

  • 정책 추가 수정 삭제

  • 사용기간 설정

  • 우선순위 관리


  • 사용자 그룹 관리

  • 사용자 관리

  • 사용자 그룹 검색

  • 변경 이력 모니터링

  • 그룹 동기화 이력 로그 관리

알림 기능

만료예정 정책과 신규 정책 결재 내역 알림 기능 지원, 알림 해당 정책 이동 기능


Tel: 070.8717.1295 | Fax: 0303.3441.1269

서울특별시 성동구 성수이로 147, 아이에스비즈타워 704호

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